March brings new life to film festivals. This spring many short films from Poland will be presented at international festivals. Check out where.

January marked a beginning of File Anima – Electronic Language International Festival, which will last till March while screening "Stone Story" by Marcin Giżycki. One month later, in February, ZagrebDOX began in Croatia. The festival's programme includs short documentary "How to Become a Pope?" by Justyna Mytnik.

On March 1st Mittelpunkt Europa Film Fest began in Germany. The festival invited "Polonaise" by Agnieszka Elbanowska and "Close Ties" by Zofia Kowalewska. Agnieszka Elbanowska's documentary will be also presented at Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival in Romania, and Zofia Kowalewska's film will be shown at Pow Film Festival in the USA.

At the beginning of the month Annual Copenhagen Film Festival took place in Denmark, where we could see "Short Distance" by Giovanni Pierangeli. At the same time Interanima Festival began in Brazil, where following shorts are presented: "Impossible Figures and Other Stories II" by Marta Pajek, "Oh Mother!" by Paulina Ziółkowska and "Pussy" by Renata Gąsiorowska. Renata Gąsiorowska's animation will have five screenings this month. Apart from Brazil it will be shown at, among others, Festival International Du Film D’Aubagne in France and GLAS Animation Festival in the USA. There we will also see "XOXO – Hugs and Kisses" by Wiola Sowa.

Twice this month you will have a chance to see "Last Season" by Sławomir Witek: at Bunter Hund ISFF in Munich, Germany and at World Film Festival in Estonia. The latter festival invited also "Three Conversations on Life" by Julia Staniszewska, which will later be shown at Lakeside Doc Festival in India.

During the first half of March we can watch "Play-Off" by Tomasz Gąsowski competing at Silk Road International Film Festival in Ireland, fiction "Evil Deeds" by Piotr Domalewski at Schul Kino Wochen in Germany and animation "Watch Your Thoughts" by Marcin Giżycki at Nottingham International Microfilm Festival in the UK. "Watch Your Thoughts" will be also shown this month at 60 Second International Film Festival in Pakistan. "Monument", another film by Marcin Giżycki that can be seen in March, will be presented at Athens Animfest in Greece.

At Tricky Women Festival in Austria we will see "Evening" by Izabela Plucińska and "Vanilla/Whip" by Bogna Kowalczyk. Bogna Kowalczyk's animation will also go to Mecal Pro International Short Film and Animation Festival, which will present as well "Urban Cowboys" by Paweł Ziemilski, "Debut" by Katarzyna Kijek, "XOXO – Hugs and Kisses" and "Volte" by Karolina Poryzała and Monika Kotecka. Documentary "Volte" will later be shown in Canada at Salem Film Fest.

Special screenings of Polish shorts will take place this month at Tampere Film Festival in Finland. In the comprehensive "Poland" programme the festival will present animations as well as fiction and documentary shorts. More information about the screenings is available here. Two films were invited to the Tampere Film Festival competition: "Carousel" by Patrycja Polkowska and "Bernard" by Anna Oparkowska. "Bernard" will also visit this month Monstra Festival in Lisbon. In the official selection of the Portuguese festival we will find as well "Traces of Ephemeral" by Agnieszka Waszczeniuk and "Leaven" by Artur Hanaj.

In the meantime FebioFest in Slovakia invited "Euphoria" by Natalia Pietsch, "Dust" by Jakub Radej, "Let Me In" by Dominika Gnatek and "Spitsbergen" by Michał Szcześniak. German festival International Short Film Week Regensburg will show "Beside Oneself" by Karolina Specht, "Pussy" and "Foreign Body" by Marta Magnuska. "Foreign Body" will be also presented in Russia at Errata Motion Pictures International Festival of Shorts about Paintings.

The second half of the month will bring Docville Festival in Belgium where the audience will see "Education" by Emi Buchwald, while Ca’ Foscari Short Film Festival in Italy will present "I Know" by Piotr Nalazek and Regard Festival in Canada will host a premiere of "Room" by Michał Socha.

The up-to-date list of festival screenings is available here.