Last weekend the award ceremony of the Monmouth Film Festival has taken place. Piotr Gołębiowski’s film "Mother" received the Best Foreign Short Film award.

The Monmouth Film Festival is a young festival whose main aim is to promote independent productions from all over the world. This year, during the second edition of the festival, the award for the best foreign short film was given to the film "Mother" by Piotr Gołębiowski.

"Mother" is inspired by true events which took place at the turn of 1943/1944 in the town of Legionowo, near Warsaw. Nazi German officers: Spiller, Rode and Klingemann decide to seize a house where the Pelka family of four lives. The four members of the family are Otylia, Czesław and two little daughters Terenia and Jania. From that moment on the life of the Pelka family starts hanging by a thread.

The full list of the awarded films can be found at the festival website