Barbara Rupik's film is on a roll. This time, the short won at the Riga International Film Festival and received a special mention at the 64. International Film Festival BRNO16. In addition, 'Dead Marriage' by Michał Toczek was recognized at the Czech event. The film received the Audience Award.

As per the title, Such Miracles Do Happen and Barbara Rupik's animated film received two awards over the course of a single weekend. The jury in Riga was delighted and called it the best film of the event. It was also recognised at BRNO16 and received a special mention. 

One day, all the sculptures in the area come to life. They come out of roadside chapels, leave their pedestals, and slowly start marching forward, all in the same direction. They don't even stop for a moment. People are observing this phenomenon with growing anxiety. No one knows why the figures are moving and where they are going. Only a little girl, with a boneless body, is delighted with this procession of unusual characters. Without muscles, they walk, although they shouldn't. How strange!

The Riga International Film Festival is one of the most important film events in the region. The festival features a wide range of genres from Latvia and the rest of the world. The organisers have set themselves the goal of promoting film culture, enabling filmmakers to showcase their work, and providing a variety of cinematic experiences to the audience. During the festival, prizes are awarded for outstanding achievements in the field of cinema. Detailed information about the festival can be found on its official website or in current film and cultural media. All winners are listed here.

BRNO 16 is an international short film festival. It is one of the longest-running film events in the Czech Republic, and the oldest in terms of its main focus, as it is the first event in the world entirely dedicated to short film forms. The festival was first organised in 1960 and has been held regularly ever since without any major disruptions. It is home to various types of films; there is no shortage of avant-garde, experiments, animations, and features. Both professional and student works. Its program is very rich, with workshops, exhibitions, and discussion panels held in addition to film screenings. The festival's name refers to 16 mm film. The list of films awarded this year can be found here.

At the Czech festival, Michał Toczek's short narrative film was also appreciated. 'Dead Marriage' received the Audience Award.

Filip works as a professional movie extra and he always plays roles of dead bodies. On the set of a historical film, he meets Lucy, who happens to be also an extra, playing a role of a dead woman. When laying on top of each other during long film making hours a bittersweet relationship develops between them in the unusual circumstances.