Izumi Yoshida's animated film The Bridge received two awards at the festival in Aguilar de Campoo, Spain, which ended last weekend. The film received the Senior Jury Award and Social Value Award.

Last weekend was particularly successful for Izumi Yoshida's The Bridge, produced by the Łódź-based company Likaon. This production was recognised by two separate juries of the Spanish Aguilar Film Festival. The Senior Jury named The Bridge best film in the competition, awarding it the Golden Eagle of the Senior Jury. The film also received the Golden Eagle for the Best Social Values.

The Bridge tells the story of the “Siberian Children” using puppet animation. The film has been inspired by historical events narrating the early diplomatic relations between Poland and Japan. It is told from the perspective of one of the Siberian Children, the ten-year-old Janek. The main character, who is the leader of Polish children orphaned in Siberia, feels responsible for the group. Having to act like an adult, he can no longer be a helpless child. Every day in the vast, cold, misty, terrifying land is a struggle for survival and overcoming hunger, sorrow, despair, longing for parents, home, and love. One day, unknown rescuers from the Japanese Red Cross come to their aid, appearing like giants in the children's eyes. Rescued by the Japanese, the children are taken to the land of the rising sun, where they receive medical care, a warm meal, roof over their heads, and the love of those who become their new families. There, Janek meets Haru – an energetic girl. She becomes Janek's guide to an unknown, beautiful, warm, and colourful new world – Japan. Haru teaches him the ins and outs of a different culture, but also teaches him how to be a child.

The 35th edition of the Aguilar Film Festival was held between 1 and 10 December in the Spanish town of Aguilar de Campoo. In addition to The Bridge, both Headprickles and Smell of the Ground participated in its competition. Moreover, the festival hosted a large Polish spotlight this year. A total of four programs presented 20 short films from the last five years. You can find the full list of films awarded at the festival on its website.