The animated film Misaligned by Marta Magnuska won the Grand Prix at the Animateka festival in Slovenia. The film was also recognised by the jury of the London International Animation Festival, which awarded it for Best Sound Design.

The past weekend was particularly fruitful for Marta Magnuska and her Misaligned, produced by the Warsaw-based Animoon studio – the film received awards at two major animated film festivals. In Ljubljana, Misaligned won the Grand Prix at the Slovenian festival Animateka. The jury consisting of Alexandra Ramires, Naomi van Niekerk, Nikki Schuster, Dahee Jeong, and Mihai Mitrica had this to say in their verdict: “This film uses the space of the flat white screen freely. It tells the story with a clever use of metaphor, and expressive and efficient drawings that portray routine movements until they become distressing”. In London, Michał Fojcik was recognised for his work on Misaligned, receiving the award for Best Sound Design at the London International Animation Festival (LIAF).

Marta Magnuska's hand-drawn animated film revolves around a woman and a man in a room, a gecko in a terrarium and several flies circling a lamp. Gradually we find more and more dependencies and analogies between their activities and observed elements as the rhythm of their universes accelerates. The microcosms shown seem to interact rhythmically and belong to some cosmic order.

The complete list of films awarded at both festivals can be found on Animateka's official website and on the LIAF Facebook page.