On Saturday Leuven International Short Film Festival begins. This year the festival will present a great selection of Polish short films.

Leuven International Short Film Festival is one of the most important film events devoted to short productions in this part of the world. The Belgian festival belongs to a prestigious group of Academy Award and BAFTA qualifying as well as European Film Award nominating festivals. During one week the Belgian audience will have a chance to attend over 100 screenings and watch around 200 films from all over the world - features, animations and films for children. Apart from the comprehensive film program the organisers prepared numerous attractions for the film industry representatives; the festival will host master classes, workshops, panel and networking discussions.

The festival consists of three sections: specials, focus and competitions. The last part is divided into six categories usually devoted to the filmmakers from the region. The most prestigious competition is dedicated to European filmmakers. Two Polish shorts were invited to that competition: "Heimat" by Emi Buchwald and "Arrival" by Justyna Pelc. Both fiction films focus on a delicate matter of family relations.

Also, at the non-competition section "The Labo" will be screening of "Miazmat" directed by Klaudiusz Wesołowski.

This year's special section "Country in Focus" is dedicated to Polish cinema. The program consists of three parts and an exhibition. Two of the segments will present the most interesting Polish short films from the last few years. Among the selected ones are fiction films "Hot and Cold" by Marta Prus, "Echo" by Magnus von Horn, "The Best Fireworks Ever" by Aleksandra Terpińska , "Short Distance" by Giovanni Pierangeli and "Siemiany" by Philip James McGoldrick, and Emi Buchwald's documentary "Education". The fans of animation will have a chance to see previously awarded "Beside Oneself" by Karolina Specht, "Pussy" by Renata Gąsiorowska and "Impossible Figures and Other Stories II" by Marta Pajek. 

The third part of the program will be devoted completely to the early work of Roman Polanski. It will present "Two Men and a Wardrobe", "Murder", "Mammals", "Lamp", "Let's Break the Ball" and "Teethful Smile". Each of the short films will be presented to the accompaniment of SZAZA band.

More information about the festival is available here.