Polish animated films qualified for the competitions at the 20th Holland Animation Film Festival, held from March 22 to 26, 2017.

In the International Short Film Competition, 51 animated films will be shown in two categories: narrative and non-narrative animations. From among Polish films, the following animations qualified for the competition: "Impossible Figures and Other Stories II" by Marta Pajek and "The Missing Words" by Mateusz Sadowski.

"Impossible Figures and Other Stories II" is the second part of the triptych based on the idea of impossible figures, that is, figures which can be drawn, but whose existence in reality is impossible.

"The Missing Words" is a minimalist animated film about the phenomena of the civilisation, which, though they can be described, do not have any names yet.

70 animated films qualified for the Student Film Competition. Poland will be represented by the films: "Foreign Body" by Marta Magnuska, "Hail Mary" by Aleksandra Wit, "Ink meets blank" by Tymon Albrzykowski and "The Last Room" by Marta Chyła-Janicka.

"Foreign Body" is a story full of humour and concealed feminist reflection about the gradual coming to terms with one's own body, the sense of self-acceptance and understanding that being different does not necessarily have to mean "uglier."

"Hail Mary" tells about the children's fear caused by the rural superstitions.

"Ink meets blank" tells about the concept of existence. About the continuous strutting forward on the path of development, accompanied by numerous changes, hesitation and doubts, as well as about the tragic end of this march, that is, death. These issues are discussed by the film using purely abstract means.

"The Last Room" deals with the seeming quality of the interpersonal communication and people's helplessness towards both the outside world and their own subconscious. It participates in the tradition of the theatre of the absurd; in spite of the dialogues bubbling with humour, it will be possible to feel the high calibre of the difficulties with which the protagonists have to live.

Holland Animation Film Festival is held from March 22 to 26, 2017.

You can find more information about the festival on its official website.