Kazimierz Karabasz

Director of documentary films. Born in Bydgoszcz in 1930. Graduated from the Faculty of Directing at
the ŁódźŸ Film Television and Theatre School. In the years 1956-1990 he worked as a director at the Documentary Film Studio in Warsaw. Karabasz has made about 50 documentary films; the most famous are: Muzykanci (The Musicians), Ludzie w drodze (People on the Road), Pierwszy krok (The First Step). He is the father of ‘the Polish school of documentary film making’ and a prize winner at many international and national festivals. The film The Musicians (1960) was awarded the Golden Dragon prize at the Cracow Festival, the Warsaw Mermaid (a prize of Film Critique Club) and other prizes at festivals in Leipzig, Tours, Venice, Mexico City, Oberhausen and San Francisco.He has directed four feature films and several plays for
the Television Theatre. Karabasz is a member of the Kronika Film Studio and the Academy of Arts in Berlin;
he also teaches at the Faculty of Directing at the Lódź Film Television and Theatre School. He has published several books on documentary film making: Cierpliwe oko (The Patient Eye), Bez fikcji (No fiction), Odczytać czas (Reading Time), Rozmowa o dokumencie (A Conversation on Documentary Films).