Andrzej Jobczyk's animated film doesn't seem like stopping anytime soon. The film has just recently won yet another award – The Silver Prize for the Best Technical & Artistic Achievements, this time at the Tehran International Animation Festival in Iran.

The Tehran International Animation Festival is held every two years in the capital of Iran and brings together creators and enthusiasts of animation from all corners of the globe. The festival showcases both short animated works and feature-length productions, as well as documentaries and more experimental films. TIAF serves as a platform for exchanging experiences, sharing inspirations, and holding discussions about the art of animation and its role in society. The festival aims to promote diversity in animation and support talented animators from around the world.

The awarded Airborne by Andrzej Jobczyk is a surreal animated film that combines the world of flying machine with the animal and plant kingdom. A fighter pilot loses track of his target and crashes. The plane crashes into a tree crown. It's a tragedy that seems to be the end, but instead it opens a new chapter of the story.  New life awakens at the crash site destined to uncover the mystery of its origin. Airborne is a story about passion, its roots, and what we have to lose in order to be born again.

You can learn more about the festival from its official website.