Anna Gawlita

 Film producer  (KIJORA), production manager, founder of the Institute of Documentary Film Foundation, the Foundation Tensa Foundation, MUCK IN; producer and production manager of Tomasz’s Wolski films “Goldfish” (2008), “The Lucky Ones“ (2009), “H2O” (2010), “Slowly” (2010), “Doctors” (2011) and “The Palace” (2012), Piotr Stasik film „A Diary of Journey” and short fiction film „Daughter” by Tomasz Wolski; legal counsel. Now she has just finished an experimental documentary film „Opera about Poland” by Piotr Stasik and is working on first feauture fiction „Hurrah! We Are Still Alive” by Agnieszka Polska. Also she is finishing her director debut, documentary „Horse Riders”.