Miguel Gaudencio

Born in 1971, in Mozambique, Miguel Gaudencio directed more than three hundred music videos in Portugal before reaching the age of 30. By 2001 advertising agencies were lining up to utilize Miguel's talent and he began shooting commercials for leading multi-national clients such as McDonald's, Coca-Cola and Mercedes. By 2003 Miguel was working across Europe and North of Africa. In 2009 Miguel directed his first full-length feature film, "Second Life" starring Piotr Adamczyk along with an all-star Portuguese cast and is noted as one of the biggest production budgets in Portuguese cinema. In 2011, Miguel directed the first ever Polish feature documentary, "Pragnienie Piekna aka Desire for Beauty", on the issues of beauty and self-perception. The making of the film Desire for Beauty attracted a number of renowned members of Polish social scene (Piotr Najsztub, Zbigniew Lew-Starowicz, Maria Czubaszek) and found solid support in the professional opinions of the country's top experts in various fields - from psychology to the fashion industry. The film stars Agata Kulesza and was released in the cinemas during the spring of 2013.