The latest film by Łódź Film School graduate Mohammed Almughanni wowed the jury of the prestigious festival in Clermont-Ferrand. An Orange from Jaffa is a co-production between Poland, France, and Palestine.

The Clermont-Ferrand festival has been held in high regard by the film community for many years. Its selectors pick the best short films for the competitions, invite numerous guests, and hold interesting meetings. The 35th edition took place on 2–10 February 2024 and – as usual – has made a lasting impression thanks to its rich program.

Mohammed, a young Palestinian, is desperately looking for a cab that will get him through a border checkpoint. He wants to join his mother – who's waiting on the Israeli side – to accompany her to Jaffa, near Tel Aviv. Farouk, a taxi driver, is hesitant. The young man doesn't have a proper pass – only a European student card. Upon arriving at the checkpoint, Farouk discovers that Mohammed had already tried to cross the border through the Qalandia checkpoint and failed… Now they're in trouble.

The film has been produced by Studio Filmowe INDEKS together with Lumisenta and Synecdoche (France). Marcin Malatyński is responsible for the production on behalf of Studio Filmowe INDEKS.

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