The last weekend turned out to be lucky for Katarzyna Gondek's film "Deer Boy". The film received two awards: at SITGES International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia and at SediciCorto Film Festival.

On October 13th the award ceremony of SediciCorto Festival took place in Italy. The international documentary and short film competition jury decided to give Gran Prix Luminor to "Deer Boy" by Katarzyna Gondek.

On the same weekend the awards of SITGES International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia were handed out. Katarzyna Gondek's fiction film won there the Noves Visions award for best short film.

"Deer Boy" is a short story about an odd combination of love and hatred. It begins with the birth of a son of a hunter (Janusz Chabior). The boy is born with little bumps on his head, which are later transformed into wide-spreading antlers that make the child resemble a deer. A surreal and perverse vision of the world, told without words, where “everyone kills what they love”, the film is also an evocative statement on hunting and on the relationship between man and nature.