Bartosz Kruhlik’s short film once again gained recognition at a festival abroad. This time ”Adaptation” received a special mention at the Amarcort Film Festival.

The festival took place in the Italian town of Rimini between December 10th and 17th. This year the special mention of the Aldinea section went to the film ”Adaptation” by Bartosz Kruhlik.

The jury awarded the film for presenting a deep and painful investigation conducted perfectly in the area of a private and family tragedy chiefly thanks to the great acting of the protagonist.

Adaptation” is a story of Marcin's family plunging into grief after he dies in an accident. But instead of looking for reconciliation, the family members frantically reopen old wounds. The atmosphere at home is becoming denser with every word said because neither the brother nor the parents were prepared for the young man’s passing away. Their mutual relations become complicated and snippets of conversations do not help the family find agreement. What is worse, the question about who is guilty of this death keeps coming back to them with increased force.

The list of awarded films is available here.