Film "Oh Mother!" by Paulina Ziółkowska was awarded at the 41st International Animated Film Festival Cinanima in Espinho, Portugal.

At the Cinanima Festival, which finished on November 12th, the jury consisting of: Marina Estela Graça, Martin Koscielniak and Menno de Nooijer awarded Ziółkowska's film for its ”high artistic value, own style, the ability to tell the story without using words and also for taking the viewer for a journey of human nature using the force of animation”.

The film is a story of a relationship between an overprotective mother and her son. It is a playful game of constant changes of social and family roles, age and sizes. The film tries to answer the question who is truly an adult and what does it mean.

Paulina Ziółkowska’s film is among the films nominated to the European Animation Awards - Emile Awards, which this year will be awarded for the first time.