The film by Tomek Popakul and Kasumi Ozeki has won the award for Best Short Film at the Anifilm festival.

Anifilm is a Czech animated film festival that brings together both fans and creators of animated film from around the world. The event offers a variety of attractions, including film screenings, workshops, panel discussions, and meetings with creators. Anifilm is a significant event for the animation industry, promoting both innovative and classic forms of the medium. Additionally, the festival is part of a prestigious group of events that shorten the path to Oscar nominations.

Zima is a one-of-a-kind mosaic portrait of a small fishing village, where man and man, man and animal, animal and animal are interdependent in a delicate balance of warm, tender care, and cold, emotional cruelty. It is an amazing story about loneliness and community in the spirit of magical realism.

A complete list of festival winners is available here.