The film "Hiatus" tells the story of betrayal and loss that create a gap in us, a gap that can only be filled with revenge or forgiveness. The main character, Julia, tries to forgive, but as a consequence of the events, she chooses the revenge.

After the tragic death of her daughter, Maya, Julia tries to save her relationship with Adam. She would like to have a child with him again, but Adam firmly rejects the idea. Julia hopes that her project will be successful at work and that they will be able to go abroad. She believes that this trip will allow them to start a new life away from the pain caused by memories of tragic events. Unfortunately, the director forwards her project to her supervisor, Andrzej. Paradoxically, the chauvinistic behavior of the bosses and Andrzej's appropriation of her project led to the initiation of a number of breakthrough events in her life.


black and white
Joo Joostberens
Joo Joostberens
Joo Joostberens
Joo Joostberens
Aia Asé

Joo Joostberens »

Director, screenwriter, and cinematographer. Graduate of the Warsaw Film School (directing).

Creator, writer, and cinematographer of the award-winning documentary film "Goodbye, My Wonderful World," which has been presented at numerous film festivals around the World. The documentary was acquired by Canal+ and added to their programming lineup. 

Joo made his debut with the short fiction film "Hiatus," which was also presented at international film festivals.
Currently, he is working on two documentaries co-financed by the Polish Film Institute.

His portfolio includes productions for international TV stations, where he contributed to television series, short films, documentaries, and advertising projects. He directed commercials for brands such as Wyborowa, Dyson, Badura, Kazar, Gatta, Tomasz Ossoliński, among others, as well as promotional films for "Harper’s Bazaar," "Vogue," and "Elle."