For the fifth time, in the programme of KFF Industry, there will be a special event dedicated exclusively to animated film. On the 29th of May, the new edition of Animated in Poland is held. In the programme of the event, in addition to the pitching of animated film projects, there are discussion panels and presentations.

ANIMATED IN POLAND was created with the intention to present the latest animated films made in Poland. This year's edition of ANIMATED IN POLAND adopts a new formula. On the 29th of May, that is, a day before the pitching, all participants will take part in a training preparing for the presentation of the projects, combined with short consultations. The training will be conducted by Wim Vanacker – the director of the Script Department at NISI MASA – European Network of Young Cinema and the co-ordinator of one of the most important short film pitchings – European Short Pitch.

Eight projects qualified for this year's edition of Animated in Poland:

BUG, dir. Jolanta Bańkowska, prod. Munk Studio – SFP, Letko Sp. z o. o.

"Bug" is a reflection on contemporary humans in the age of ubiquitous technology. It presents people who are lonely, lost and sometimes even indifferent to the reality which surrounds them. The film's action takes place within one day and is told using short, often (auto)ironic scenes, in which the virtual and real worlds overlap.

KOMFORT, dir. Weronika Banasińska, prod. Animated Film Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow

In an indeterminate reality, the protagonist discovers a hidden place. She starts to explore it with growing excitement. Pleasant and sensual feelings begin to overwhelm her. The situation turns into an uncomfortable and disturbing one. The swelling emotions leave the protagonist in a childish - embryonic state.

EDEN, dir. Katarzyna Melnyk, prod. FUMI Studio

A young dendrologist is sent for a research mission into the depths of the forest. His task is to analyse how the trees are connected to each other. With the passage of time, he starts to suffer from loneliness, the days pass him by, and his work goes on slower and slower. He develops a sensation of being constantly observed by the trees which surround him. He has the impression that he turned into the subject of their research.

OSTATNI PRZYSTANEK: KSIĘŻYC, dir. Birute Sodeikaite, prod. Likaon Sp. z o.o., ART SHOT, the National Audiovisual Institute

A story of a girl who tries to deal with her illness with the help of imagination and imaginary friends. By visualising the disease as a Lion, and herself as a Unicorn, she goes through various stages of acceptance of the disease.

AN EYE FOR AN AYE, dir. Julia Płoch, prod. Animated Film Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow

The film is set on a great lake, whose one shore is inhabited by frogs. They tell stories about a primeval deity - a terrifying Catfish, living on the other side of the body of water. In the film, we follow the fates of two characters: the Red Frog – a mythical hero, who left his house in search for the truth in the beliefs of his kin, and the Little Frog – a child who wants to follow in his hero's footsteps. In the course of development of action, their fates are joined together, and part of the mystery is solved.

METRO, dir. Natalia Krawczuk, prod. WJ Team

"Metro" is a short story about a driver of the underground railway, who is called Arsenii. Arsenii loves his job very much - for him, it is the sense of his life. Unfortunately, it turns out that what hinders him from doing his job in the best possible way are ... the people who travel on the underground railway. They drop litter, make loud noises, do not help each other. One day, when he sees a couple of young boys tripping an innocent elderly lady, this is more than he can stand.

TANGO TĘSKNOT, dir. Marta Szymańska, prod. Lodz Film School

It is a painterly story about the nature of tango, which is not only the desire, eroticism or aggression - tango is also the yearning, a sad thought which is danced. The film presents a couple of protagonists in whom tango triggers extraordinary yearning, sadness and melancholic exploration. They lose themselves in the dance, which is full of regrets, trying to experience healing, following something inaccessible, lost or absent, doomed to non-fulfilment.

SIĘ ZJADA, dir. Edyta Adamczak, prod. Animaso Małgorzata Bosek-Serafińska

In a cramped cage, there is a pig without a head, and small sausages suck its nipples. Hundreds of hands hit the chickens stretched on the line with truncheons, extracting piles of eggs out of them. The main protagonist - Dzy works on each of the stages - from genetic interventions to food processing.  When she comes back home, she eats meat portions on her own. Every day is the same. One day, on the production line, in the dead entrails, she finds an eye, which is alive and looks like a human one. A peculiar relationship is born between them.

Directly after the pitching, there will be one-on-one meetings between the representatives of the presented projects and the specialists present at the screening

The author of the best project will get a voucher for 10 days of sound post-production for the film. The founder of the award and the partner of Animated in Poland is the Studio Sound Mind, established by Michał Fojcik.